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      EXECUTIVE ORDER NO. 2002- 09



Whereas, pursuant to the Local Government Code of 1991 (R.A. 7160) and the Urban Development and Housing Act of 1992 (R.A. 7279), Local Government Units are mandated to take the principal role in the provision of housing services to its constituents;

Whereas, pursuant to Section 37 Article IX of the same Republic Act 7279 Local Government units are likewise mandated to plan and implement measures to influence and monitor population movements as well as to set up early warning systems on expected dysfunction due to population increases, decreases, or structural change.

Whereas, there is a need to create the Local Population and Housing Board to provide adequate and decent shelter to program beneficiaries through socialized housing and to respond to such problems brought about by demographic changes expected of a growing and developing city as Ormoc.

Section I. COMPOSITION. The Local Population and Housing Board is hereby organized to be composed of the following:

City Mayor

1st Vice Chairman Hon. NEPOMUCENO P. APARIS I
SP-Chairman on Public Properties

2nd Vice Chairman Hon. GREGORIO A. YRASTORZA
SP Representative

Members Head of Offices or Its permanent representative
a. City Planning and Development Office
b. City Assessor's Office
c. City Social Welfare and Development Office
d. City Engineer's Office
e. City Urban Poor Affairs Office
f. 2 NGO Representative
g. 2 President of existing Home Owners Association and Relocations.
h. City Population and Housing Office (ex-officio)

Section II. FUNCTIONS. The Local Population and Housing Board shall have the following functions.

1. Prepare shelter plan in consonance with the approved comprehensive land use plan and zoning Ordinance of the City;
2. Conduct inventory of all city land and improvement thereon in coordination with other local and national agencies
3. Identify lands for socialized housing and resettlement areas for the immediate and future needs of under privileged and homeless;
4. Identify and register all qualified socialized housing beneficiaries;
5. Provide basic services and facilities in socialized housing resettlement areas in cooperation with the private sector and other concerned agencies;
6. Prevent the Construction of any kind of illegal dwelling units or structures in areas prohibited by law or ordinances;
7. Monitor population movement within its jurisdiction.
8. Plan and Implement measures to influence population movement.
9. Plan for setup mechanisms or early warning system on expected dysfunction due to population increase, decrease or structural changes
10. Does other task as the Mayor may direct in relation to population and housing program.

Section III. SECRETARIAT. To provide technical and administrative assistance to the board, a secretariat which will be headed by the City Population and Housing Officer shall be organized. It shall have the following specific functions.

1. Provide the day-to-day technical and administrative support as may be required by the board.
2. Facilitate the implementation of plans and policies formulated by the board.
3. prepare, consolidated, and analyse reports relevant to the City's Population and Housing Program.
4. Perform other functions as may be assigned by the board from time to time.

Section IV. REPEALING CLAUSE. All Local Executive Orders and issuances/inconsistent herewith are hereby repealed accordingly.

Section V. EFFECTIVITY. This Executive Order shall take effect immediately.

Done this 4th day of June in the year of our Lord, Two Thousand Two